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Pirates of the Atabean

Robert's Seventh Sea epic, set in the wild Atabean Sea


  • I. The Prize -- In which our heroes take the slaver De Ruyter.
  • II. The Seventy-Six -- In which our heroes try to hold the De Ruyter.
  • III. The Res Publica -- In which our heroes come to Aragosta only to find they must urgently get to Ciudad de las Flores.
  • IV. The Governor -- In which our heroes travel to Ciudad Flores and discover the Governor is an old friend.
  • V. The Quarter-Master -- In which our heroes are waylaid on their return from Ciudad Flores and lose a companion.
  • VI. The Questions of Command -- In which our heroes revisit the freedman they rescued from bondage and explore their island.

Dramatis Personae


  • The Banshee -- The ship where our heroes begin their tale.
  • Aragosta -- An overview of the Republic of Pirates



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